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Are some people more likely to develop adverse reactions to nanoparticle-based

Are some people more likely to develop adverse reactions to nanoparticle-based
IMAGE: Nucleic Acid Therapeutics is an authoritative peer-reviewed journal published bimonthly in print and online that focuses on cutting-edge basic research, therapeutic applications, and drug development using nucleic acids or related… view more …
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German-French Colloquium on "Innovation from Bench to Bedside" – Emerging and
In 2015, a Task Force constituted of representatives from research, industry and the European Commission was set up to design a concept for a European Industry-Driven Initiative on “Emerging and Strategic Technologies for Healthcare” (ESTHER). … In …
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Paper electronics could make health care more accessible

Paper electronic devices could make healthcare more available
(Nanowerk News) Versatile electronic sensors based on paper– a low-cost product– have the potential to cut the price of a large range of clinical tools, from helpful robotics to diagnostic tests. Scientists have actually now established a quick, affordable way …
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Tiny Batteries Might Reinvent Green Energy
Tiny is big in the mission to construct batteries that keep more energy for cars, structures, and personal electronic devices. Nanosize … Crabtree states this battery, like other current advances in nanotechnology, would not have been possible even a decade ago …
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Guest: We can do more to support Washington biotechnology

Guest: We can do more to support Washington biotechnology
In the last five years, the Washington Biotechnology & & Biomedical Association has coached, mentored and advised 275 regional start-ups. Today, more than 80 percent are still in company and 65 percent have raised cash and hired employees. Seventy-six …
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Global Animal Biotechnology – Technologies, Markets and Companies: Updated
This report describes and examines animal biotechnology and its application in veterinary medication and pharmaceuticals along with enhancement in food manufacturing. Knowledge of animal genetics is crucial in the application of biotechnology to handle …
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Why some trees advanced to live underground
Marcelo Simon at Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology in Brasília, and coworkers studied the DNA of hundreds of plants from the Cerrado, the gigantic savannah that covers more than a fifth of Brazil. Just as in southern Africa, they found lots …
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