humans to live to 1000 years?

Concern by beyaz: humans to live to 1000 years?
I just checked out an insane post about how human beings ‘soon’ will have the ability to measure up to 1000 years of ages! I thought i was a dumb idea which is not even worth entering coz i think scientists must be concentrating on more crucial things (healing transmittable illness, poverty etc). What do you people think?
Below’s the article:

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Answer by Luna Lovegood
individuals state alot of insane things … this is just another over-the-top prediction.
i don’t even need to check out the post for that

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5 thoughts on “humans to live to 1000 years?

  1. this is ridiculous. Why anyone with a brain actually think this?? firstly, that is not natural. in the article it comments about the avg. lifespan being more dependent on accidents than old age… there is this thing called the cycle of life and part of it is aging. people once predicted that we would be living on the moon by now too, but that didn’t happen.

  2. I think it’s outrageous too. The brain is kind of naturally designed to degenerate. Even if you slowed down or prevent any aging process, the mind would eventually go the wayside.

    I wouldn’t want to live to 200 years old.

  3. If you want to cure infectious diseases you must be wanting for people to stay alive. If so, why should everyone have to be tortured to death by the disease cause aging? Why should infectious diseases be more important than non-infectious diseases (cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, aging, etc.)? “Aging is an accumulation of damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs” is the best description of what aging is on a molecular level. To “cure” aging, molecular medicine must be able to cure all of these forms of damage. I believe that SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) is the best technology for addressing these problems. Unfortunately, although I believe the general approach is correct, much more research will be required to discover and implement the required molecular repair technologies.

    Future technologies may offer much more in terms of options and added years of youthful, healthful life. I am hopeful that rejuvenation technology will be available within my life, so that I will not age. Then my main risk of death would be accidents and murder. Rejuvenation will not protect you from accidents and murder.

    I doubt that people could live forever, but there is reason to believe that humans could live hundreds or thousands of years longer than they are living now (“natural human ages”). If all diseases were cured (including aging) and war was eliminated, then the causes of death would be accident, suicide or murder. In the United States in 2006 accidents were responsible for 5.0% of deaths, suicide for 1.4% and homicide for 0.8%. Assuming that you were determined to live forever, suicide could be ruled-out as a cause of death. I have heard it said that if only accidents and homicide were causes of death, that a person might be expected to live over a thousand years. (Dividing 80 years by 0.06 gives 1,333 years, but that may not be a mathematically valid operation.)

    As a backup, in case rejuvenation technology is not available in my lifetime, I have made arrangements to be cryonically preserved. That way, I can be preserved until medical science not only achieves rejuvenation and cures for all diseases, but the ability to repair cryopreservation damage. (Hopefully, I would be vitrified, and there would be no freezing damage). Cryonics has been called an “ambulance to future medicine”, although it may not work if future nanomedicine (or other medicine) is not able to cure all diseases, reverse damage due to dying, and reverse damage due to cryopreservation.

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