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New cancer drug delivery system could be 'transformational'

New cancer drug delivery system could be 'transformational'
In a mouse study published this week, the nanotechnology-based strategy destroyed a particularly lethal type of breast cancer after it reached the lung, a stage of the disease considered almost untreatable. The team hopes to test the strategy on …
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Nanoscale rotor, gripper push DNA origami to new limits
Another recent paper, in Nature Nanotechnology, reported a hinged molecular manipulator, also made from DNA. These are just the latest steps in a campaign to transform so-called "DNA origami" into an industrially useful, commercially viable technology.
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Dubai Takes Innovation to the Sports Arena With World Future Sports Games in
Dubai today announced that it will organize World Future Sports Games in December 2017 as the first initiative of its kind in the world featuring innovation and futuristic technology based sports competitions. The World Future Sports Games was unveiled …
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The science of watching paint dry; new nanotech research could improve
Date: March 18, 2016; Source: University of Surrey; Summary: New research has described a new physical mechanism that separates particles according to their size during the drying of wet coatings. The discovery could help improve the performance of a …
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Paper electronics could make health care more accessible

Paper electronic devices could make healthcare more available
(Nanowerk News) Versatile electronic sensors based on paper– a low-cost product– have the potential to cut the price of a large range of clinical tools, from helpful robotics to diagnostic tests. Scientists have actually now established a quick, affordable way …
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Tiny Batteries Might Reinvent Green Energy
Tiny is big in the mission to construct batteries that keep more energy for cars, structures, and personal electronic devices. Nanosize … Crabtree states this battery, like other current advances in nanotechnology, would not have been possible even a decade ago …
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Could there be a better material than the Carbon Nanotube?

Question by Snake Eyes: Could there be a much better product than the Carbon Nanotube?
Carbon Nanotube holds tremendous potentials in all clinical facets. From industrial to space to industrial to military to Medical applications, this can actually be a game-changer. Carbon nanotube is merely the core and foundation of practically every device for it works in quantum scale and level.

So, I am left asking yourself … given that we discovered this, would there be a space for a significant enhancement? Could there be an additional “Carbon Nanotube” in the remote future or have we reached the peak of scientific engineering?

Finest response:

Response by Biofreak
Let’s envision that swedish memory foam is the best sleeping material. Which cushions made of this material can not be improved upon. Does that suggest that swedish memory foam is the best product? Obviously not. It would make a terrible toaster. And it has no value as a parachute product. And it would make a bad transistor.

So, now let’s answer your concern. Are carbon nanotubes the best product? I suspect it depends upon exactly what you wish to make. If you want to make a tiny, tube shaped carbon structure, then yes. If not, then most likely not. First off, nanotubes are not all the same, so undoubtedly the various kinds will have different homes. If you want sheets of carbon, graphene feels like a better option. If you an insulator, then diamond or something like that would be better. If you want something that tastes good in your coffee, then how about sugar? Nanotubes have a bunch of uses, but they are obviously not the very best product for everything. Plus they are tough to make and control. Hence, the response to your question is ‘no, carbon nanotubes are not the peak of scientific engineering’.

In fact, I would state nanotubes were more ‘discovered’ than ‘engineered’.

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New nano technology water filter could save lives 2011 News

Filthy toxified water choked with litter. This is an all too common sight for millions of poor Africans. At this town in South Africa the homeowners try t.
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Nano Technology With Liquids Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will totally repel nearly any fluid … Video Rating: 0 / 5

Nanotechnology urine test could detect deadly blood clots

Nanotechnology urine test might identify harmful embolism
Embolism, typically unexposed up until they break away and result in a stroke or cardiovascular disease, can form for a number of reasons in anyone. But now, analysts from MIT have established an easy urine test that makes use of nanoparticles to detect thrombin, a significant …
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Art kind, nanotechnology incorporate to advance batteries
(Nanowerk Information) A mix of nanotechnology and the traditional art of paper folding, called origami, can be a main to a considerable step towards improved battery technologies. Arizona State College engineers have constructed a lithium-ion …
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Can technology get so advanced, we could live forever?

Question by That Guy: Can technology get so advanced, we could live permanently?
I was watching the news today, and they were discussing a pill that would enable you to live for a really very long time. Would it be possible, one day, that technology would permit us to live forever? Or are all of us going to pass away, no matter what?

Best response:

Response by Ben Keyser
A short article on future timeline stated anybody under 45 as of this date is almost ensured to live permanently. we will have all synthetic organs and there is nothing to fall short. the mankind is going to push the human body to its restrictions.

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