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Celator® Pharmaceuticals Announces VYXEOS™ (CPX-351) Selected As Best

Celator® Pharmaceuticals Announces VYXEOS™ (CPX-351) Selected As Best
EWING, N.J., Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: CPXX) today announced that VYXEOS™ (formerly referred to as CPX-351) was recognized with the Nanomedicine Award 2015. This award recognizes projects or products …
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Nanopharmaceutical Industry and Market: Companies, Products, R&D and Revenue
Do you want to find sales potentials of nanomedicine? If so, our new analysis gives you revenue forecasts to 2025 at overall world market, application, product and national level. That way you discover financial data, trends, R&D, opportunities and …
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Launching the Nanomedicine Academy of Minority Serving Institutions
Nanomedicine uses nanotechnology for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Northeastern boasts several pioneers in the field, including Thomas Webster, the Art Zafiropoulo Chair in Engineering and the chair of Northeastern's chemical …
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Xtalks Announces its June 2014 Webinars

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

Find out about present industry hot subjects through complimentary webinars which will certainly be provided by leading specialists in scientific trial, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries et al. Participate in the discussion and stay updated and relevant in your field. Access to all webinars are complimentary and a list of upcoming webinars in June is below. Click RIGHT HERE for a detailed listing.

. PHARMACOVIGILANCE . Cosmetovigilance

Vignette for the First Regulatory Year of EU Laws Influence on North America and Europe(June 5, 2014) CLINICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL LABELS . Scientific Labels: Keeping the Client & Site in

Mind(June 17, 2014) . The Effect of Pharmaceutical Imprinting Defects and Concepts to Conquer Them( June 18, 2014) . Trends & Best Practices in Global Drug Product Labeling Management: Taking Control & of the End-to-End Labeling Procedure (June 24, 2014)OUTSOURCING & EMERGING MARKETS . Development in Strategic Alliances: Moving from Transactional Outsourcing to a Collaboration

( June 25, 2014 ) . Effective Management of Worldwide Studies in Arising Markets Key Considerations from the
CRO and Central Laboratory Perspective(June 30, 2014) . Quality, Speed, Versatility and Customer Focus in API Manufacturing: An Introduction of Cambrex through Client Case Studies (June 11, 2014 )ONCOLOGY . The Immunoscore and Immunoprofile: Examining Anti-Cancer Immunity as a Biomarker to Stratify Patients for Clinical Trials (Might 29 & Jun 2, 2014) . Executing Adaptive Trials: Operational Considerations (June 12, 2014 )MEDICINE DEVELOPMENT . Rapid Formula Development and Clinical Testing(RapidFACT)Expediting Development of Optimal Medicine Products (June 24, 2014)

. Genomic Knowledge Webinar Series -Part 3: Exome Sequencing and Analysis: Factors to consider for Sample Input, Capture Techniques and Pipelines related to Variant Detection(June 25, 2014 ) . Insights on Improving Global Drug Development from Bench to Commercialization-Part 2: Starting with the End in Mind: Regulatory Technique from the Beginning(June 26-27, 2014) PROFESSIONAL TRIALS & DATA MANAGEMENT . Present and Future Access Challenges for Specialized and Biotechnology Products(June 9, 2014) . Incorporating the Clinical Enterprise with Innovative Cloud Technology(June 11, 2014) .

The Function of the Screen in a Risk-Based Tracking Program(June 12, 2014 ) . Target Item Profile Guiding Cross-functional Techniques for Medical Gadget and Diagnostic Organizations (June 26, 2014) . Measuring How Well Subjects Know and Perform in Neuropsychiatric Clinical Trials(
June 10, 2014 )Click on this link to sign up for the Upcoming Webinars. . —————————————————————————————————————————————————- . ABOUT XTALKS: Powered by Honeycomb Worldwide Inc., Xtalks is a leading provider of academic webinars to the worldwide Life Sciences neighborhood. Every year thousands of market professionals(from pharmaceutical & biotech companies, personal & academic study organizations, health care centers, etc.)turn to Xtalks for access to quality material. Xtalks assists Life Science experts remain current with market developments, trends and regulations &. Xtalks webinars likewise offer & viewpoints on essential concerns from top market thought leaders and company. . To find out more about Xtalks see http://xtalks.com. . For information about hosting a webinar visit http://xtalks.com/sponsorship.ashx. . Contact: . Michelle Tran . Tel: +1 -LRB-416-RRB- 977-6555 ext 284 . Email: mtran (at)xtalks( dot )com . . . . .

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TSX Venture Exchange Announces that PyroGenesis is now included in the

TSX Endeavor Exchange Announces that PyroGenesis is now included in the
“”Our firm has developed itself as being a leader in plasma based solutions for the United States Division of Defense, for prominent players in the ecological, mining and metallurgy, advanced materials/nanotechnology along with within the oil & & gas sectors.
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Huge Beauty at a Miniscule Scale
The Protein Data Bank is an archive of structural details about biological molecules; its “Molecule of the Month” function highlights the value of a picked biological macromolecule. Systems biologists and nanoscientists from UNM and from Los …
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Nanobiotix Announces Issue of European Patent Protecting Its nanoXray Anticancer Platform

PARIS (PRWEB) September 22, 2008

More particularly, the patent shields “composite particles that can generate free radicals or heat when thrilled by X-rays, and to the uses thereof in health, especially human. The innovative particles comprise an inorganic-based, and optionally organic-based, nucleus and can be activated in vivo, in order to identify or alter cells, tissues or organs. (The patent protection) likewise associates with approaches for the production of said fragments, and to pharmaceutical or diagnostic compositions consisting of same.”

.”We are exceptionally pleased that our platform technology, nanoXray, is now patent-protected throughout the European Union. We are enthusiastic that we will soon get comparable patent security in the United States too,” stated Laurent L vy, Ph.D., Head of state and CEO of Nanobiotix and Co-President of the French Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (FTPN). “NanoXray is created to allow the precise damage of cancer cells through the controlled application of an outside-the-body energy sourcea standard X-ray. Naturally, safeguarding this intellectual property is key to long-term industrial success.”

.”The nanoXray platform permits the regulated generation of physical responses in targeted cells when caused by the application of an external energy source a basic X-ray. This could have significant complexities for cancer cells treatment in the not-too-distant future,” added Paras N. Prasad, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading authorities on nanotechnology, who is a co-founder of Nanobiotix and Executive Director of the Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics at SUNY (Buffalo).


. Nanobiotix is an emerging nanomedicine company incorporating remarkable advances in nanotechnology and molecular biology to develop nanoXray an innovation platform that is anticipated to be turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ outside the body to selectively deal with a range of cancers cells securely and noninvasively. Use of nanoXray is intended to resolve radiation therapy’s biggest drawback: damage of healthy tissue and its succeeding unhealthy adverse effects when a high dose of Xray is essential. The core of a nanoXray nanoparticle is an inactive and inert substancenot a drugthat can be activated to in your area (intratumor) increase the dosage of Xray, which is then expected to cause higher effectiveness. After nanoXray nanoparticles accumulate in the target cells, a conventional X-ray is applied that is meant to produce a local therapeutic effect, designed to ruin only the targeted tumor cells. This system suggests overall control of the intended therapeutic result.


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Nanotechnology, Medical and MRI News – Medical Growth Company Announces Expansion Into Nanotechnology Sector and Beta Testing Of MR Imaging Enhancement Technology With Digital Imaging Features

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 28, 2004

Las Vegas, Nevada– Clinical development company, NanoSignal Corporation (Stock Sign = NNOS) continues to expand operations, providing financiers an unique high return stock investment revenue opportunity. See http://www.nnos.net

. NEW MRI TECHNOLOHY – NanoSignal’s new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) improvement innovation product with digital imaging functions, SLICES, allows physicians and radiologists to perform advanced MR imaging testing that exceeds the abilities of the basic MRI pc. The product is being Beta checked at Desert Radiology of Las Vegas. For news launches and even more details on screening browse through http://www.nnos.net/mri.htm .

. MEDICAL EXPENSE COST SAVINGS – SLICES offers a clinical cost containment option by permitting much shorter MR scan times (up to 50 %) and decreasing operating expense through minimized film consumption (from 30 % to 80 %) as well as extending the life of older MRI units.

. For total details on the clinical cost containment option and perks provided by this new innovation check out http://www.nnos.net/medical-costs.htm .

. With testing finished a complete advertising and marketing and sales campaign directed to MRI centers, healthcare facilities and radiology practice teams is readied to start.

. EARLY STROKE DETECTION – See the brand-new page http://www.nnos.net/stroke-detection.htm .

. BRAND-NEW APPLICATIONS – CNN and the Exchange Journal recently reported on brand-new MRI applications including non-invasive autopsies and amnesia prediction. SLICES capacity to provide enhanced imaging and enhanced information control and archiving opens these new markets.

. In addition, the Business is likewise developing blood flow monitor capacities (http://www.nnos.net/blood-flow.htm) for use in cancer cells medical diagnosis and cardio treatments. These advances would provide noninvasive, very early analysis of vascular stricture and illness detection making use of current MRI devices.

. NANOTECHNOLOGY and NANOMEDICINE EXPANSION– The Company’s stock symbol and name modification reflects their growth into the expanding new sciences of nanotechnology and nanomedicine. See http://www.nnos.net/nanotechnology.htm .

. The next generation of SLICES is being developed to assist research researchers and physicians extensively inventory cells, cell parts and molecules within cell parts.

. NanoSignal’s business website (http://www.nanosignalcorp.com) includes in-depth info on the benefits and capacities of SLICES.

. Note: Certain statements in this news release could contain “forward looking statements” within the meaning of Personal Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are subject to the safe harbor created by those regulations. This launch is for information functions only. NanoSignal Company has neither approved nor rejected this release. This launch is not an offer or solicitation to purchase protections. This information ought to not be considered to be any kind of financial investment opinion or insight. These statements are not guarantees of future outcomes or efficiency.

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