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NXP and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Production of 40nm Embedded Non
GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, and NXP Semiconductor N.V, a leading semiconductor company for secure connection solutions, today announced that they have jointly developed a …
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Edelman plans ETF based on revolutionary technology
Mr. Edelman's firm will likely invest hundreds of millions in the product on behalf of its clients. … In 2012 he enrolled in an oversubscribed program, the Singularity University, which links top Silicon Valley technologists with corporate executives …
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BlackRock Launches iShares Exponential Technologies ETF
XT is designed to provide global exposure to companies identified as leaders across key areas of technological transformation – from big data and analytics to nanotechnology and bioinformatics. These companies, which also cross industry sectors such as …
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Penn and ExxonMobil Researchers Address Long-standing Mysteries Behind
We do know that everything that happens during sliding is occurring on the first few atomic layers of the surfaces, so we have to use the knowledge we have from nanotechnology and apply it to understand what's going on there. … The research was …
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Nanobiotix Places Shares and Warrants with US Investor

Nanobiotix Places Shares and Warrants with US Investor
PARIS, Dec 01, 2014 (COMPANY WIRE)– NANOBIOTIX, a clinical-stage French nanomedicine business (the “Business”) working on the local treatment of cancer, and noted on Euronext, Paris, revealed the completion of a personal placement on November 24 …
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Scientists make herb nanoparticles with potential for treating cardiovascular disease
… capillary, recommending its future potential applications as an alternative treatment strategy for injury healing, heart diseases (CVD) and ischemic illness in the near future making use of nanomedicine method,” “lead author Chitta Ranjan Patra …
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Why You Shouldn't Be Too Afraid of Nanotechnology

Why You Shouldn'' t Be Too Scared of Nanotechnology
The potential threats of nanotechnology have actually been recording creativities for some years now– and for great factor. The technology is getting analysts closer to creating and engineering materials atom by atom. And it'' s enabling them to use …
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Nanotechnology Opportunities
After the announcement earlier this month of the production of the $ 1.5 billion '' Nano Utica ' at the SUNYIT school in Marcy, Fulton and Montgomery counties are now positioned in between three huge nanotechnology centers, the others being UAlbany'' s …
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Axing of European science czar over GMO issues: 1 step forward for

Axing of European science czar over GMO problems: 1 advance for
The complaint against Glover was easy: when supplying clinical recommendations to the commission on a variety of problems, from nanotechnology to GMOs, she conjured up data rather than depend on politics or impulse. In 2013, at a conference in Scotland, for example …
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Existing renewables won'' t solve climate crisis, say Google engineers
In the short article Koningstein and Fork state, “As we reflected on the task, we concerned the conclusion that even if Google and others had blazed a trail in the direction of a wholesale adoption of renewable energy, that change would not have resulted in substantial …
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Paper electronics could make health care more accessible

Paper electronic devices could make healthcare more available
(Nanowerk News) Versatile electronic sensors based on paper– a low-cost product– have the potential to cut the price of a large range of clinical tools, from helpful robotics to diagnostic tests. Scientists have actually now established a quick, affordable way …
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Tiny Batteries Might Reinvent Green Energy
Tiny is big in the mission to construct batteries that keep more energy for cars, structures, and personal electronic devices. Nanosize … Crabtree states this battery, like other current advances in nanotechnology, would not have been possible even a decade ago …
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The newest news from academic community, regulatory authorities
The findings, released in the Journal of Source of power (“”High performance all-carbon thin film supercapacitors”” )and the Nanotechnology journal (“”Graphene-based supercapacitor with carbon nanotube movie as highly efficient existing collector””), indicate a …
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Advance: DNA '' Wire ' Carries Electric Current
In study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, an international group of analysts hailing from Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the United States has shown that electrical current can be sent with long DNA molecules.
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